Return of The Vikings: New Faces – In conversation with Linus Roache

November 6, 2014

Paul Risker chats with Vikings star Linus Roache...

As part of a special week long feature to coincide with the home entertainment release of Vikings series 2, Flickering Myth sits down in conversation with the cast and creator Michael Hirst to go behind the scenes of the critically acclaimed historical drama.

From the reflections of two onscreen brothers, Linus Roache a.k.a. King Ecbert reflects on joining the cast in series 2 and playing the antagonist to Ragnar’s protagonist...

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M/C2 ♥

So Apparently Innocence is an Indie Film

IMDb says it's out today (I'm in the States), but that its release is "limited". I live in insignificant Indiana, and so far have not found it showing anywhere here. Here's hoping it gets released on DVD. I'll be SO sad if I never get to see it because I've really been looking forward to it. 😞💔

It probably will get to DVD but I'm still disappointed.


New theme + Screencaptures of Linus Roache in "Vikings" episode "Invasion"

I think the community really needed a change, so I chose a new theme, and here it is! I know it's not as customized as the previous one, but I'm not really a pro when it comes to LJ themes. Anyway, I hope you'll like this layout!

I also added screencaptures of Linus Roache first brief appearence in "Vikings" episode "Invasion" in the gallery. I wanted to wait before posting a link to the caps, and make screencaptures of all his episodes, but well, since I don't know how long it will take me to cap all his scenes, here's at least his firt episode! Enjoy!


"The Blacklist" Episode Screencaptures + Linus Latest Public Appearance

I wanted to make a post about these pictures before, but the gallery wasn't working properly - it happens sometimes, sorry about that. Anyway, I've added the screencaptures of Linus Roache guest starring in "The Blacklist". Of course, if you haven't seen his episode yet, and don't want to be spoiled, don't check the screencaps! Otherwise, just click on the thumbnails below:

What did you all think of Linus' performance? I have to admit, I hadn't watched "The Blacklist" before, and I'm not a fan of the show, but I liked Linus' character, and enjoyed seing him in this episode. It was fun to see him acting with Mike Doyle, who was previously starring in "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (well, a long time ago).

In other news, Linus Roache attended the 2014 A+E Networks Upfront on May 8, and you can find 17 pictures of him alongside other members of the cast of "Vikings" in the gallery:

An update about Linus in "Vikings" will follow soon, though not right now. Stay tuned!

And remember that you can follow Linus Roache Fans on Twitter! :)

Interview with HitFix about "Vikings" and "The Blacklist"

Linus Roache gave an interview to HitFix back in April to promote "Vikings" and "The Blacklist". Here it is:

Interview: Linus Roache discusses his 'Vikings' King and his 'Blacklist' Kingmaker

Why does King Ecbert spend so much time in the bath?

If they gave Emmys for Outstanding Acting In a Vintage Roman Bath... That would be a very strange and limited Emmy category. It would also be a category that Linus Roache would win with ease this year.

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Reminder: Linus Roache in The Blacklist Tonight!

Don't forget to tune in tonight, April 28, on NBC, at 10 p.m., to catch Linus Roache in "The Blacklist" episode "The Kingmaker"! If you haven't seen it yet, have a look at the preview of the episode on Youtube, and check the gallery to see screen captures of the video!

I also added a HQ still from the episode to the gallery:

Mike Doyle, whom you might know from "Law & Order: Special Victims Units", also appears in the episode, and he posted on Twitter a lovely picture with Linus from the set!

So you know what you have to do tonight! ;)

Join Linus Roache Fans on Twitter!

I've just opened a Twitter account for Linus Roache Fans! Follow the community on Twitter to know all the latest news about Linus' career!

This doesn't mean the LJ community won't be updated anymore - it's just another way to keep Linus' fans updated! And all the posts will be retweeted, so feel free to add anything new here, and I'll post it on Twitter!