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Linus Roache Fans

LJ's Only Community for Linus Roache!

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Linus Roache
Linus Roache Fans...

Welcome! This is a community dedicated to the one and only Linus Roache. You may know him from different films such as Batman Begins, Priest or The Wings of the Dove. He is also now known for his role on Law & Order as Executive ADA Michael Cutter.

The Rules:

Community rules are simple. This is a place to post:

*Linus Roache Graphics such as icons, wallpapers, screencaps, etc.
*Linus Roache Fan Art
*Linus Roache News
*Discussions of Linus Roache Movies.
*Discussions of Linus Roache in general.

If you're posting large graphics or large amounts of graphics, please put them under a cut.

Note: Please refrain from posting Law & Order episode discussions here. This is also not the place to post fanfic. There are several communities, including all_l_and_o, johnjmccoy (episode discussions) and lawandorderfic, where you can do that.

Also: Please be courteous to all posters! Flaming/trolling/wank will not be tolerated and is cause removal from the community.

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polkadotsnplaid and emmaradcliffe

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